Saturday, April 28, 2012

Five Things I Would Actually Get Tattooed on My Body. (Not really, but let's go with it.)

"Hollow, beautiful words...I am exploding with love, but cannot use the word."

With a brother and a sister who have an appreciation for tattoos, I enjoy musing over what I would get eternally scrawled into my body if I had the chance. It isn't an easy question. The world is drowning in cliches; I find it nearly impossible to find something that has a true meaning. In Roxanne, C.B. says it perfectly: "Words are all used up, they are hard to say, they have all been wasted on the shampoo commercials and the ads and the flavorings." If I'm going to find something I want on my body for the rest of my life, it needs to be something original and true to me. All the words have been used up, but that doesn't mean I can't find a few to recycle. 

1. To start off, anything in French. I know what you're thinking: you were just talking about how the words have to mean something and now you're saying they can be any from your average dictionary? But in French It doesn't matter what you're saying because it is automatically poetry. Plus since we live in America, hardly anyone speaks French, so you can tell them it means whatever you want and they'll believe you!

2. A bicycle. Maybe a bicycle built for two or a unicycle. Why do I want a bike tattooed to me? I want a bike tattooed to me? Perhaps it is because of the great rush I get when gliding down a steep hill, the wind in my hair. Or maybe it is the intricate workings of the bike as they click together in a mass of metal. I guess in a deeper sense these things might play into the whole scheme, I suspect the answer is something much easier. It seems to me to match up with why girls draw hearts on their papers and other such doodles. Bicycles are about the only thing I can successfully draw, so impossibly cute and simple. I can't imagine ever regretting having one tattooed to me. And I can't see ever being upset at not really having a substanial reason for wanting it there.

3. To say "song lyrics" seems once again to be a little too broad and conflicting with my point so I'm going to narrow it down to absolutely anything sung by the Avett Brothers, including "I was murdered in the city." I trust those beautiful minds enough to blindly enscript anything they say on my body permanently and trust it as something that will mean something to me.

4. Billy Collins. He may be balding and a little out of my league in the age area, but he is the Zac Efron of poetry. Who wouldn't want a little replica of Zac Efron's face tattooed neatly on their body?

5. "Not One Word Has Been Omitted" I found this in the publication pages of Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. I'm nearly positive it doesn't hold the gorgeous and deep meaning I want it to, about life and how you can't leave anything out. But neither does ordering a small milkshake from Chick-Fil-A and getting a large and I still chalk that up as a message from the universe. So who knows? I probably won't get a tattoo and if I do it probably won't be one of these crazy ideas, but I'm gonna leave it up to the world to help me make that decision when the time arrives. Or at least my parents. They aren't big fans of tattoos. 

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